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Szczecin International Medical Students’ Conference

Surgical session

  1. Detrimental influence of a E-Petticoat technique in chronic type B Aortic Dissection. Authors: Michał Żołnierczuk, Marek Miśkiewicz, Jarosław Paduch
  2. Comparison of EUS’s, PTCD’s and ERCP’S clinical and technical effectiveness in biliary drainage. Authors: Jan Wojciechowski, Tomasz Skołozdrzy, Martyna Kawka, Aleksandra Kellas, Wiktoria Wajs
  3. Risk factors and non-surgical treatment methods in urinary stones disease – a comparison of the knowledge and attitudes of medical and dietetic students and graduates. Authors: Marta Jankowska, Jakub Narożnicki, Sara Godyńska

non-surgical session

  1. “Preliminary study on sensory integration disorders among patients with relapse-remitting multiple sclerosis Authors: Krystian Mross, Marta Jankowska
  2. “Physicians level of experience and antenatal ultrasound Authors: Natalia Wołkowska, Michalina Rodak
  3. “ The prognostic value of white blood cell inflammatory biomarkers in severe covid-19 disease progression Authors: Seweryn Skrzyniarz, Maria Pankowiak, Wawrzyniec Kurczewski, Jakub Perłowski

Basic sciences session

  1. “Activity of selected oxidative enzymes in platelets in patients with COVID-19 during one-month observation Authors: Aleksandra Polikowska, Maja Pękała, Patrycja Stodolak, Alicja Zenka, Martyn Zoń
  2. “Analysis of the effect of rotating magnetic field on the regenerative potential of platelets Authors: Małgorzata Goszka, Radosław Birger, Maja Pękała, Weronika Słodzińska, Patrycja Stodolak
  3. “In silico analysis of Open Reading Frames for the spike and nucleocapsid proteins of SARS – COV2 variants Authors: Julia Błaszczyk, Aleksandra Żukowska, Joanna Olejnik

Dentistry session

  1. Assessment of the stability of the mechanical properties of polymeric dental filling materials in a humid environment. Authors: Barbara Gronwald, Marcelina Lech, Marta Prasek
  2. “ Vertical temporomandibular joint condylar asymmetry measurements in TMD patients: Kjellberg’s and Habets’ method comparison Authors: Karolina Szymczak, Magdalena Powierża, Dagmara Tybulczuk, Marta Szwajkiewicz, Bartosz Radtke
  3. “An analysis of changes of dental hygiene in the 2nd year of the pandemic caused by the SARS -COVID2 virus. Authors: Piotr Brys, Firas Haj Obeid, Zofia Sell, Alicja Górska

Health Sciences session

  1. “Endometriosis and Obstetrics: an international cross sectional survey study Authors: Matilda Shaked Ashkenazi, Marcel Kocik, Piotr Kulig, Anna Kaisa, Aurora Henriksson
  2. “The importance of socio-demographic determinants and selected personality traits in shaping Poles’ attitudes towards vaccination against COVID-19 Authors: Jarosław Paduch, Michał Żołnierczuk
  3. “What kind of post-vaccination ailments occur in patients who have undergone COVID-19 and does lifestyle play a role? Author: Kacper Malinoś, Joanna Walczyńska, Maria Marlicz

Case report surgical session

  1. “Metastasizing basal cell carcinoma manifesting as solitary pulmonary nodule – case report Authors: Kajetan Kiełbowski, Seweryn Skrzyniarz, Piotr Lisowski
  2. “Newborn with Nijmegen syndrome with multiple congenital malformations in surgical setting – a diagnostic and surgical challenge. Authors: Karolina Kloczkowska, Natalia Kałuża
  3. “Still unexplored OHVIRA syndrome. Then how to proceed and not get into trouble? Author: Klaudia Królikowska

Case report non-surgical session

  1. Abuse of anabolic steroids in polish gyms: is it a serious problem? A rare case of heart failure and toxic hepatitis in a young bodybuilder Author: Katarzyna Skorupska
  2. “Chronic subdural hematomas as a rare but possible cause of cognitive impairment in the elderly Author: Karolina Furgała
  3. Life-threatening complications of a central venous catheter in a haemophilic patient with inhibitor Authors: Natalia Tomaszewska, Joanna Strzemecka

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